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SM Numbers Trivia Q's on Social Media

What number did John Elway wear at Stanford?  7

Where did Micheal Jordon get drafted in the first round?  3

Which games did Randy Johnson pitch during the Diamondbacks World Series?  2, 6, 7

How many championships does Phil Jackson have?  13

What number did Ron Artest wear on the Kings?  93

What year did Notre Dame last win a National Championship?  88

What number did Matt Leinart wear on the Houston Texans?  9

How many teams are currently in the Cactus League?  15

What number practice jersey did Randy Moss wear in New England?  33

How many teams did Brett Favre play for in the NFL?  4

What year did Barry Sanders announce his retirement from the Detroit Lions?  99

What Super Bowl did the Dallas Cowboys beat the Denver Broncos?  12

How many games did the UConn Basketball Lady Huskies win in a row?  90

What number did Agent Zero, Gilbert Arenas changed his number to when traded to Orlando?  1

How many total World Series games did Reggie Jackson play?  27